ARMT Math Videos Update

AL-pic-coachAfter a year of work School Improvement Facilitators Gary Kubina and Liz Ray have reached a milestone in their quest to provide videos for students and teachers who need help with math lessons.

“We are pleased to let you know that instructional videos have been completed for each of the ARMT math standards in grades 4 through 8,” Said Ray.  “They are accessible through Moodle.  Some 3rd grade videos are available, and the rest are in production.”

Kubina added, “the ARMT videos are tied directly to the State Standards.  The questions are based on the Item Specs for each grade level, reflecting the same variety of scenarios and  degree of difficulty.   They are also correlated to Coach practice books for each grade level.”

Ray and Kubina are not done yet.  “We are planning additional test−prep videos which will include instructions and hints on multiple−choice, gridded response, and open−ended formats, to help students be more successful on the ARMT.”  said Ray.

Gary and Liz are available to come to your school to help teachers get started with Moodle and preview the videos with your math teachers.  Their emails are:

Gary Kubina (  and Liz Ray (

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